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Stepper Motor Winding and Wiring Diagram

A stepper motor is an electromechanical device which converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movements. There are three basic stepper motor types. They differ in terms of construction based on the use of permanent magnets and/or iron rotors with laminated steel stators. Variable-reluctance, this type of motor consists of a soft iron multi-toothed rotor and a wound stator. Permanent-magnet motors as the name implies have permanent magnets added to the motor structure. Hybrid, this type of motor combine the best characteristics of the variable reluctance and permanent magnet motors, provides better performance with respect to step resolution. Get detail information of Stepper Motor Winding and Wiring Diagram here.

Three-Phase Transformers Circuits Diagram

A three-phase transformer is made of three sets of primary and secondary windings, each set wound around one leg of an iron core assembly. A three-phase transformers must have (3) coils or windings connected in the proper sequence in order to match the incoming power. Three phase transformer core has three sets of windings. Find more detail discussion on Three-Phase Transformers Circuits Diagram here.