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Honda CB175/CL175 Transmission System Diagram (1974)

Honda CB175/CL175 was produced during 1968 to 1975. The transmission recives the rotary power from the crankshaft and through a series of gears, changes it to the desired speed and then transmits it to the drive sprocket to drive the real wheel. All the gears are fully constant meshed, assuring smooth gear change. The following diagram shows the detail parts and its location of Honda CB175 and CL175 Transmission System

VW Electrical and Transmission System Testing

The following testing procedures and manual apply for VW electrical and transmission system. Here you will find detail and brief explanation on how to perform the electrical testing on you VW. It provides list of test steps. Test requirements: Battery Positive Voltage (B+), Fuses 14 (S14) and 21 (S21), Transmission Ground (GND) connections, Check Ground connections for corrosion and poor contact and Check Battery Ground (GND) strap as well as Ground (GND) strap between Battery and transmission. Read more […]