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Circuit Diagram for Celsius-to-Digital Thermometer using AD590 Temperature Sensor

The following circuit diagram is designed by Elana Lian and Chau Tran from Analog Device. The circuit includes T1, a low-cost AD590 temperature sensor; IC1, an AD8541 rail-to-rail amplifier; four resistors; a trimming potentiometer; and an ADC.

MM5452 Liquid Crystal Display LCD Drivers Circuit Diagram and Datasheet

The MM5452 is a monolithic integrated circuit utilizing CMOS metal gate, low threshold enhancement mode devices. This devices is usually applicable for microprocessor display, industrial control indicator, digital clock, thermometer, counter, voltmeter, instrumentation readouts and remote displays. This datasheet contains information about MM5452 and MM5453 general description, features, applications, block diagram, absolute maximum ratings, recommended operating conditions, electrical characteristics, connection diagram, functional description, and physical dimension.