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Starter Solenoid Test on 2002 Acura RSX K20A2 Engine

To test the Starter Solenoid on the 2002 Acura RSX K20A2 Engine, do the following: Disconnect the S and M connectors from the starter solenoid. Check the hold-in coil for continuity between the S terminal and the armature housing (ground). There should be continuity. If there is continuity, go to the next step (3).

Exploded Diagram of a Toyota Corolla E11 Typical Starter|Solenoid Assembly

The following exploded diagram shows Toyota Corolla E11 Typical Starter|Solenoid. (click image to enlarge). The Toyota Corolla E11 series’s starting system consists of the battery, the starter motor, the starter solenoid and the electrical circuit connecting the components.