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20W Car Radio Power Amplifier using TDA2005

The TDA2005 is class B dual audio power amplifier package specifically designed for car radio application. You can easily design car radio power booster amplifiers using this device. Get more information about the 20W Car Radio Power Amplifier using TDA2005 here.

LM3886 Overture™ Audio Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram Application and Datasheet

Get more information about LM3886 Overtureā„¢ general description, features, applications, connection diagram, absolute maximum ratings, operation ratings, test circuit, single supply application circuit, equivalent schematic, external components description, typical performance characteristics, application information, and physical dimension here. This device is application for component stereo, compact stereo, self-powered speakers, surround-sound amplifiers, and high-end stereo TVs.

An Introduction to Power Amplifier Classification (Class: A, B, C, D, E, F, G) – Circuit Diagram

The following article contains detail description and introduction to Power Amplifier Class Circuit Diagram. The main characteristics of an amplifier are Linearity, efficiency, output power, and signal gain. In general, there is a trade off between these characteristics. Power amplifiers are grouped into classes depending on the nature of their voltage and current waveforms. The first major classes to be considered are class A, B, D, E, F, and G amplifiers.

KENWOOD KAC-959 5-Channel Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram

The following file contains detail illustration and description of KENWOOD KAC-959 5-Channel Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram, including 5-channel system, 3-channel system, RCA cable connection, speaker stereo connection, and power wire connection.

Clarion APX280M 2-Channel Power Amplifier Wiring Diagram

The Clarion APX280M is a full-featured two-channel amplifier featuring specially coated circuit boards. The following wiring diagram of Clarion APX280M 2-Channel Power System Amplifier in many application such as Bridged – Mono Subwoofer System, 2-Channel Full-Range, Satellite, or Subwoofer Stereo System, Mixed-Mode Satellite and Subwoofer System.