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2003 Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System

The Honda CBR600RR (2003 models) Electric Starter System consists of: starter motor, side stand switch, starter relay switch, ignition switch, main fuse, battery, neutral and clutch switch. The following schematic shows the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System. Troubleshooting the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System: Fuse Inspection. Check for blown main fuse or sub fuse. Is the fuse blown?. If YES, replace the fuse. In NOT, go to step 2. Battery Inspection. Make sure the battery Read more […]

1996 Kawasaki ZZR250 Electric Starter Circuit Diagram

The Kawasaki ZZR250 has the following electrical system specifications: Battery Type: EX250-H5: 12V 6Ah; Charging Voltage: 14.5 V at 4000 rpm; Alternator Stator Coil Resistance: 0.2 – 0.9 Ohm; The following schematic illustrates the 1996 Kawasaki ZZR250 Electric Starter Circuit Diagram.

Honda VFR400R Electric Starter Wiring Diagram

The Honda VFR400R ignition switch engages the starter motor. The starter motor then provides mechanical energy to rotate the VFR400R’s engine. Below schematic illustrates the Honda VFR400R (1990 model year) motorcycle electric starter wiring diagram.

Honda CBR1000 Electric Starter Circuit Diagram

The following schematic shows the 1992 Honda CBR1000F Electric Starter Circuit Diagram. The electric starter system consists of: side stand indicator, neutral indicator, engine stop switch, starter switch, starter motor, battery, main fuse, starter relay switch, diode, neutral switch, clutch switch, ignition switch, sub fuses.

Yamaha Raptor YFM660RN ATV Electric Starting System Wiring Diagram

The Yamaha Raptor YFM660RN ATV electric starting circuit and wiring diagram on this model consists of the starter motor, starter relay, clutch switch, CDI unit and neutral switch. 1 Fuse 2 Battery 3 Starter relay 4 Starter motor 5 Start switch 6 CDI unit