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Introduction to Microwave Transistor Amplifier Circuit Design

The MICROWAVE TRANSISTOR is a non linear electronic device which principle of operation is similar to that of the low-frequency device. Microwave transistor amplifier design have a more complicated reverse current flow which requires biasing the transistor into the active region of performance and holding this bias or quiescent point constant over variations of temperature. The following file provides detail yet comprehensive information regarding the introduction to Microwave Transistor Amplifier Read more […]

A 4 Watt Amplifier Portable Radio Circuit Diagram Design using TDA1011

The following schematic depicts the design of a 4 Watt Amplifier Circuit Diagram for portable radio application using TDA1011 from Philips Semiconductor. The device is especially designed for portable radio and recorder applications and delivers up to 4 W in a 4 ? load impedance. List of electronics components are as follows: C1 = 1 Micro Farad, C2 = 1 Micro Farad, C3 = 100 Pico Farad.

BOSS Audio System CAP20 in Two Amplifier Wiring Diagram

The following schematic illustrates the BOSS Audio System CAP20 in Two Amplifier Wiring Diagram. Make all wiring connections as shown in the diagram, but do not attach the incoming positive cable to the capacitor positive terminal. It is designed to supplement you car’s charging system, when your audio amplifier places a high current demand upon it.

Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram by R Crowly

The following page contains detail information on how to design a headphone amplifier circuit diagram which has low output impedance, excellent channel tracking and O/P noise reduces with gain reduction.

Cascode Video FET Amplifier Circuit Diagram using 2N3823

The following schematic shows the FET Amplifier Circuit Diagram application on Cascode Video. The FET cascode video amplifier features very low input loading and reduction of feedback to almost zero.