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Datsun Truck 320 Fuel Gauge Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 01. July 2014 by Arya
The Datsun Truck 320 fuel tank has a capacity od 31.0 litres and is situated at the rear of the luggage compartment. Datsun Truck 320 Fuel Gauge Wiring Diagram. If the ignition switch is turned on when the tank is empty, electric current will flow from the battery through the ammeter into coil A, and then trough the contact arm to the ground. Read more [...]

Datsun Truck 320 Generator Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Wednesday, 23. October 2013 by Arya
Datsun Truck 320 Circuit and Wiring Diagram. The Datsun Truck 320 generator is mounted on the front left side of the engine and is driven by a fan belt at 1.34 times the speed of crankshaft. As shown in below diagram of the generating system. Read more [...]

Datsun Truck 320 Ignition System Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 06. August 2013 by Arya
The Datsun Truck 320 ignition system is a system which is necessary for igniting the compressed fuel-air mixture within the engine cylinders. The electric current from the electric power source (battery and generator), flows through ammeter (5) and ignition switch (6), into ignition coil (7). The low-voltage current through the primary coil (14) is interrupted by contact breaker (9) of the distributor. Read more [...]

Morris Minor Wiring Diagram and Cable Color Code

Monday, 31. January 2011 by Arya
The following schematic depicts the Morris Minor Wiring Diagram and Cable Color Code. This wiring diagram and electric circuit schematic apply for Morris Minor Series MM, Series II and Series 1000. (click image to enlarge) Read more [...]

Jeep CJ2A Electrical Wiring Diagram

Friday, 29. January 2010 by Arya
The following schematic shows the Jeep CJ2A Electrical Wiring Diagram and Cable Harness Layout. 1 - Left headlight 2 - Left parking light 3 - Right parking light 4 - Right headlight 5 - Generator 6 - Distributor Read more [...]

What is Schematic Diagram ?

Saturday, 27. December 2008 by Arya
Schematic Diagram is a diagram which shows by means of graphic symbols, the electrical connections and functions of a specific circuit arrangement. The schematic diagram is used to trace the circuit and its functions without regard to the actual physical size, shape, or location of the component devices or parts. Read more [...]

Ford Tractors 9N and 2N Wiring Harness

Friday, 05. December 2008 by Arya
Following wiring harness applies for Ford tractor 9N and 2N series. Here you will find detail illustration of the electrical system, wire harness and electrical schematics diagram of the tractors. For the 12 volt conversion wiring diagram; if the original coil is used, a ballast resistor must be added in series with the coil to drop the 12V down to 6V. Herein you will find also brief description of the interconnection between the electrical parts e.g. internal transistor, terminal block, headlights, Read more [...]

Ford Tractors Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Harnesses

Friday, 05. September 2008 by Arya
The following wiring diagram applies for Ford tractors (2N, 8N and 9N series). Herein you will find detail and brief illustration of the electrical schematic and wiring harness of the vehicle, headlight, rear taillight, generator, light switch, ignition switch, coil and ammeter. Find the detail of Ford Tractors Wiring Diagrams & Harnesses here (14 pages of pdf file docs. Source: ntractorclub.com) Read more [...]
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Mazda 929 Engine Electrical Circuit and Charging System Checking Procedures

Sunday, 10. February 2013 by Arya
The 1975 Mazda 929 is equipped with a 12 volt battery consisting of six cells which capacity is 50 Ampere hours of 20 hours rating. The 1975 Mazda 929 engine electrical system consists of charging system, starting and ignition system. Read more [...]

Ignition off Draw Test Procedures Part II

Tuesday, 30. December 2008 by Arya
With test light still connected securely clamp an ammeter between battery negative terminal and negative battery cable. If the test light or the milliamp meter circuit is broken the Security alarm module will turn on parking lamps. Do not open any doors or turn on any electrical accessories with the test light disconnected or the meter may be damaged. Read more [...]