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2002 Acura RSX Cruise Control System

Thursday, 23. February 2017 by Arya
A Little Thing About Cruise Control System Cruise control is a feature in a car which is able to automatically manage the speed of the car. If the system is activated, your car may be running constantly in accordance with the speed you set. Cruise control got the right to control the throttle to control the car's speed. If the sensor rate began to slow down the car, this feature will attract gas cable so that the car can be returned to the initial speed. Or electronically open the throttle if Read more [...]

2000 Lexus LS400 Power Source Circuit Wiring Diagram

Monday, 08. June 2015 by Arya
Lexus LS400 is equipped with electrical devices, such as SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), the combination meter system, Power Seat Control System, Power Mirror Control System, Power Tilt and Telescopic Steering System, Audio system, a mobile communication system, and lighting system. Power source supplying power to any electrical device, which is on the vehicle. It is composed of the battery, fuses and relays, which are located centrally at engine room junction block, engine room No.1 relay Read more [...]

1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit

Tuesday, 06. November 2012 by Arya
Below schematic illustrates the 1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit and Wiring Diagram. The 1998 Hyundai Trajet immobilizer control system consists of transponder key, coil antenna, ICM (immobilizer control module), and engine control module. When ignition is "ON", the coil supplies energy to the transponder, which in turn accumulates energy in the condenser. Read more [...]

Nokia X6 Circuit Board Diagram and Service Schematics

Tuesday, 01. November 2011 by Arya
The following link provides manual for Nokia X6 Circuit Diagram and Service Schematics. It consists of detailed circuit diagram of RAPIDO, HS USB, Sensors, Audio, AV Connector, TV-Out, Display 7, and Camera Circuit. Read more [...]

2002 Hyundai H-1 Engine Wiring Diagram and Harness

Friday, 28. October 2011 by Arya
2002 Hyundai H-1 Engine Wiring Diagram. Hyundai H-1 van First Generation is a versatile vehicle that can be used to the MPV, pick-ups, taxis, and ambulances. Hyundai H-1 completeness of this car include ABS, LSD, parking sensors, air bags for the driver, DVD Player, Keyless entry, leather upholstery (optional),immobilizer, and climate control. Read more [...]