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Adly Moto 300SU ATV Wiring Diagram

Friday, 03. October 2008 by Arya

The following ATV wiring diagram applies for Adly Moto 300SU models. Herein you will find brief description about the vehicle’s electrical system (how to maintain and repair the electrical system such as battery, charging and lighting system, horn, and switches), and detail illustration of wiring diagram. (more…)

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ATV TGB Congo 250 Electrical Schematic Diagram

Thursday, 17. July 2008 by Arya
This electrical schematic diagram applies for ATV TGB Congo 250 series and models. In this manual you will find complete and brief discussion on each electrical component installed in the vehicle, its connection, the specification, trouble diagnosis and troubleshooting. The Trouble Diagnosis section contains information on symptoms usually happen such as no voltage, low voltage, no spark produced by the spark plug, starter motor does not properly work, charging system does not properly operate, engine Read more [...]
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