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A Typical Water Temperature Sensor Circuit Diagram in a Motorcycle Engine Cooling System

Sunday, 24. January 2010 by Arya
The following schematic shows a typical water temperature meter circuit diagram used in the motorcycle. The four coils (see diagram) are located in the water temperature gauge (N1, N2, N3, and N4). Read more [...]

Nissan Stanza/Violet Electric Cooling Fan Schematic and Circuit Diagram

Tuesday, 28. February 2017 by Arya
Nissan Stanza/Violet Overview Nissan Stanza or who initially was named Nissan Violet is a lower middle-class compact car manufactured by Nissan from 1973 to 1992. For the export market using the name Datsun Violet 160J. Nissan launched the Violet to compete with Toyota Carina, and positioned atop Violet Sunny / Datsun 120Y and under Bluebird / Datsun 180B. The first generation of the Violet was a model derived from the contemporary Nissan Bluebird U610 with a rear-wheel drive and a rigid rear Read more [...]

2011 BMW E93 Convertible 335is Electric Water Pump Diagram

Tuesday, 24. March 2015 by Arya
This car is a 3 Series convertible, which is also known as the coupé cabriolet on the BMW website. This is the first model in the BMW lineup with 3-piece aluminum folding hard-top roof. Engine cooling system on 2011 E93 335is Convertible consists of a series of radiator and oil cooler isolated circuit. Engine cooling system serves to carry the heat from the engine and maintain the operating temperature is defined as constant as possible. In addition, this machine is also equipped with Electric Water Read more [...]

2003 Ford Focus Duratec RS Engine Cooling System Wiring Diagrams

Friday, 05. April 2013 by Arya
The following schematic illustrates the 2003 Ford Focus Duratec RS Engine Cooling System Wiring Diagrams. The engine cooling electrical system consists of: battery, ignition switch, battery junction box, power hold relay, engine cooling fan relay. Read more [...]

Ducati 1098 Electrical System and Wiring Diagram

Monday, 09. April 2012 by Arya
Ducati 1098 Electrical System and Wiring Diagram. This superbike has sealed-maintenance free battery (12V, 10Ah); 12V – 480 W alternator capacity; It uses inductive electronic ignition system with 12 V-700 W electric starter motor. Read more [...]