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Honda Rebel 450 Charging System Circuit and Leak Test

Sunday, 17. March 2013 by Arya
Honda Rebel 450 charging system consists of battery, alternator and voltage regulator/rectifier. The alternator generates an alternating current (AC) which the rectifier converts to direct current (DC). The following schematic illustrates the Honda Rebel 450 Charging System Wiring Diagram. Read more [...]

1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit

Tuesday, 06. November 2012 by Arya
Below schematic illustrates the 1998 Hyundai Trajet Immobilizer Control System Circuit and Wiring Diagram. The 1998 Hyundai Trajet immobilizer control system consists of transponder key, coil antenna, ICM (immobilizer control module), and engine control module. When ignition is "ON", the coil supplies energy to the transponder, which in turn accumulates energy in the condenser. Read more [...]

Six Steps in Troubleshooting Car Wiring Problems

Sunday, 26. June 2011 by Arya
The following steps can be done to troubleshoot car wiring problems or circuit failures. Note that you need to prepare some tools like jumper wire, voltmeter, ohmmeter and probing tools, prior to do some troubleshooting on your car wiring problems. Read more [...]

Charging System Wiring and Main Power Supply Circuit – 2006 Aprilia RS125

Sunday, 20. March 2011 by Arya
The 2006 Aprilia RS125 charging system wiring and main power supply circuit consists of: main rave, fuses, regulator, ignition system, battery and light system.Charging system test: • Start the engine and rev it up to 6000 rpm. • Connect a tester placed into voltmeter mode across battery terminals. Read more [...]

AC Regulator Voltage Test on Honda XR650R

Tuesday, 29. December 2009 by Arya
To test the AC regulator voltage on Honda XR650R, perform the followings: Warm up the engine (3 minutes). Then stop the engine and remove the front visor with the headlight connectors connected. Connect a voltmeter (+) probe to Blue wire terminal, and (-) probe to Green wire terminal. Read more [...]