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Ford Contour Vacuum Diagram and Parts Schematic

Friday, 04. March 2011 by Arya
Here is a typical schematic of 1995 Ford Contour Vacuum Diagram. The vacuum diagram consists of: intake manifold, vacuum brake booster, vacuum reservoir, electronic engine control. Read more [...]

2002 Isuzu Trooper LS (US) Drive Line Control System (Shift on the fly) Diagrams

Friday, 15. May 2015 by Arya
2002 Isuzu Trooper US version has a shift on the fly system to switch between 2-wheel drive (2WD) and 4 wheel drive (4WD) electrically. To switch, you simply press a button4WD (push button type) on the instrument panel. This system controls some operations, such as transferring the output gear shift forward or connect and disconnect the front propeller shaft by motor actuators. In addition the system also controls the repetition of the shift output gear shift forward. Connecting or disconnecting Read more [...]

1994 Fiat Uno Turbo Microplex Ignition System Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 31. March 2015 by Arya
This car is one of the "limited car" which is much sought after by the speed enthusiast. With a total weight of only around 750kg, hatchback body pieces without baggage long tail, of course, power 118 HP already be more than enough capital to penetrate the speed of 200km / h. Plus encouragement VL-2 IHI turbocharger is certainly promising acceleration that will force your body pushed up against the seat. Compared with the standard specifications of the Fiat Uno, easily visible difference Read more [...]

2000 Dodge Durango Evaporative System Monitor Schematic Diagram

Thursday, 26. February 2015 by Arya
EVAP canister on this car is located under the vehicle, in the left frame rail, in front of the fuel tank. EVAP prevents excessive spending gasoline fumes as much as possible and can be used for combustion back in. When the vehicle is running or the air temperature is high, then the petrol in the tank will evaporate. EVAP tube filled with granules of activated carbon mixture. The system works the fuel vapor enters the EVAP tube is absorbed by the charcoal granules. Fuel tank pressure vents into Read more [...]

2010 BMW E88 Convertible 135i Air Intake Ducting Diagram

Saturday, 07. February 2015 by Arya
Air intake ducting is important in terms of a turbocharged engine. In principle, the energy that comes out of exhaust gas is used for "pre-compress" induced fresh air, thereby introduce greater air mass into the engine. It is important to ensure that the components are installed in the correct position and that all the pipes are connected with a tight seal. Because this is just possible if the intake air ducting "leak free" and installed properly. This system is also equipped Read more [...]

1978 Datsun Pickup 620 Automatic Temperature Control Air Cleaner Assembly Diagram

Sunday, 29. June 2014 by Arya
The 1978 Datsun Pickup 620 series is equipped with the automatic temperature control system which maintains the temperature of air to be sucked in the carburetor within the constant range, thereby enabling lean setting for carburetor calibration. Read more [...]

Honda Prelude Programmed Ignition (PGM-IG) System Circuit and Wiring

Wednesday, 24. July 2013 by Arya
Honda Prelude (1993) programmed ignition (PGM-IG) used in this engine provides optimum control of ignition timing. A microcomputer determines the timing in response to engine speed and manifold vacuum. The following schematic shows the Honda Prelude Programmed Ignition (PGM-IG) System Circuit and Wiring Diagram. Read more [...]

Jaguar XKE Distributor and Ignition System Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 09. April 2013 by Arya
Jaguar XKE Distributor and Ignition System Wiring Diagram. The timing rotor and pick-up module, working in conjunction with a separate amplifier unit, replace the contact breaker and cam of a conventional distributor. The timing rotor is a glass-filled nylon disc with small ferrite rod embedded into its outer edge, the number and spacing of the rods corresponding with the number of cylinder and firing angles of the engine. Read more [...]

Mitsubishi Montero Active Trac 4WD System Wiring

Friday, 15. March 2013 by Arya
The Mitsubishi Montero Active Trac 4WD System is made up of a transfer case equipped with a viscous coupling and center differential, and an auto-freewheel front differential. It is controlled by electronics and vacuum. Mitsubishi Montero Active Trac 4WD System Wiring Diagram Read more [...]

1997 Chrysler Town and Country Speed Control Circuit Diagram

Sunday, 23. December 2012 by Arya
The 1997 Chrysler Town and Country Speed Control System is electronically controlled and vacuum operated. The electronic control is integrated into the powertrain control module, located next to battery. The controls are located on the steering wheel and consist of the ON/OFF, SET, RESUME/ACCEL, CANCEL and DECEL buttons. Read more [...]