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Wiring Diagram of Toyota Yaris Engine Immobilizer System

Thursday, 25. November 2010 by Arya
Toyota Yaris Engine Immobilizer System Wiring Diagram. The 2007 Toyota Yaris is equipped with Engine Immobilizer System. It consists of transponder key coil/amplifier, unlock warning switch assembly, ECM and security indicator light. Read more [...]

1995 Toyota Supra Air Conditioning System – Troubleshooting

Tuesday, 10. March 2009 by Arya
The following article discusses about 1995 Toyota Supra Air Conditioning System Service and Troubleshooting. description of the air conditioning system with HFC134a, electrical circuit and wiring diagrams, precautions for servicing HFC134a, use proper service tools (manifold gauge, leak detector, vacuum pump adapter), Charging and Leak-check methods, air conditioning system parts location, dampers location, service and troubleshooting, water valve removal, expansion valve inspection, blower motor removal and installation, blower motor control relay, air inlet servomotor, pressure switch, sensors, electric cooling fan relay inspection, heater main relay, air conditioning amplifier, air conditioning control assembly, service specification and data. Read more [...]

Toyota Yaris Wiring Harness Diagram and Electrical Schematics (2007)

Sunday, 21. December 2008 by Arya
The following electrical schematics and wiring harness diagram apply for Toyota Yaris 2007 model year. Here you will find detail information and illustration about the car's electrical system relay locations, electrical wiring routing, system circuit, ground points, power source, connector list, part number of connectors, overall electrical wiring diagram and troubleshooting procedures. Read more [...]