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Gilera GP800 Starter Motor Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Friday, 01. June 2012 by Arya
The Gilera GP800 recharge system is provided with a three phase alternator with permanent flywheel. The alternator is directly connected to the voltage regulator. The following schematic illustrates the Gilera GP800 Starter Motor Circuit and Wiring Diagram. Read more [...]

Kawasaki Ninja ZX250 Wiring Diagram Cable Routing (97)

Monday, 02. February 2009 by Arya
The following wiring diagram, cable harness routing and electrical system apply for Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX250 1997 models. In this motorcycle all the electrical wires are either single-color or two-color. This manual provides details of wiring diagram and electrical system exploded view, specifications, parts location, electrical wiring, battery (charging condition inspection), charging system (alternator cover removal and installation, stator coil removal and installation, alternator inspection, regulator/rectifier inspection). Read more [...]

Sprecher+Schuh Motor Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 16. December 2008 by Arya
The following article is about Motor Wiring Diagram and Schematics the company offered including Non Reversing Motor Staters, Motor Staters-Non Reversing using SS1, SS2, & SS4 pilot device kits, KWIKstarters, Motor Starters - Reversing (three phase and single phase reconnectable) Read more [...]
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Kawasaki ZR550/ZR750 Zephyr Electrical Wiring Diagram (80 – 88)

Saturday, 25. October 2008 by Arya
The following electrical circuit and wiring diagram applies for Kawasaki ZR550/ZR750 Zephyr (80 – 88) models. All models have a 12-volt electrical system. The components include a three-phase alternator unit and regulator/rectifier unit. The regulator maintains the charging system output within the specified range to prevent overcharging, and the rectifier converts the alternating current output to power the lights and other components and to charge the battery. The alternator rotor is mounted Read more [...]

2005 Kawasaki KLE500 Motorcycle Wiring Diagram and Specs

Monday, 15. September 2008 by Arya
The following electrical wiring diagram applies for 2005 Kawasaki KLE500 motorcycle series. Herein you will find detail information about feature and specification of the electrical wiring systems, electrical parts components location, KLE500 wiring diagram, electrical wiring (inspection), battery (removal, installation, and charging), charging system (alternator rotor, starter clutch, regulator/rectifier), ignition system (crankshaft sensor removal/installation, ignition coil removal/installation, Read more [...]