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Advanced Home Wiring – Planning a Wiring Project to Final Inspection of Electrical Work ebook

Friday, 06. March 2009 by Arya
Home wiring and electricity can be an intimidating concept for many because of the potential danger. It can be a difficult area of work if you don't know the correct information and steps. The following ebook will shows you the essential information for installing new wiring in your home. You will understand exactly how your house is wired, the principles behind the wiring and you electrical power needs and capacities. The National Electrical Code and local Electrical Codes and Building Codes, provide guideline for determining how much power and how many circuits your home needs. Read more [...]

Home Wiring Installation, Testing and Troubleshooting – a Complete Guide eBook

Monday, 16. February 2009 by Arya
This ebook manual is divided into sections covering topics on Planning a Wiring Project, Circuit Maps for Common Wiring Layout, Wiring Installation Basic (covers discussion on tools, materials and technique, electrical boxes for projects, installing electrical boxes, wires and cables for projects, installing NM cable, Conduit, Circuit Breaker Panels, Connecting Circuit Breakers, installing outdoor wiring, mounting the distribution centers, routing cables and wires. Read more [...]