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2010 Polaris ATV Sportsman 800 EFI 6×6 Complete Wiring Diagram

Monday, 30. May 2011 by Arya
2010 Polaris ATV Sportsman 800 EFI 6x6 Complete Wiring Diagram. 1 HARNESS-MAIN 2 MODULE-RESISTOR 3 KIT-FUSIBLE LINK 4 HARNESS-WINCH,PREWIRE 5 RELAY-SEALED,SPST Read more [...]

ATV Polaris Sportsman Xplorer 500 Electronic Throttle Control Switch Testing

Sunday, 15. September 2013 by Arya
The ATV Polaris Sportsman Xplorer 500 electronic throttle control (ETC) disables the vehicle if 'the re is a mechanical problem in the throttle mechanism. ATV Polaris Sportsman Xplorer 500 Electronic Throttle Control Switch Testing. Use a screwdriver to remove the throttle control cover. Shift the transmission into NEUTRAL and apply the parking brake. Read more [...]

2004 Polaris Sportsman 400 Starting Motor Schematic Diagram

Saturday, 09. January 2010 by Arya
The following schematic shows the 2004 Polaris Sportsman 400 ATV Starting Motor Schematic Diagram. 1. Washer Set 2. Brush, Carbon 3. Nut, Flange 4. O-Ring 5. Bracket, Rear 6. Bolt and Washer 7. Armature Read more [...]

2003 Polaris Predator 500 Wiring Diagram and Electrical Schematics

Wednesday, 04. February 2009 by Arya
The following wiring diagram and electrical system apply for Polaris Predator 500 ATV 2003 model years. Here you will find detail information about special electrical tools and service notes, timing check procedures, electrical switch testing, fan motor current draw test, electronic throttel circuit system operation, ignition system troubleshooting, CDI output tests/ stator output tests, flywheel identification, ignition system, alternator, charging and battery system testing, lamps. Read more [...]