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Holden FE Wiring Diagram

Monday, 27. September 2010 by Arya
Holden FE Wiring Diagram and Engine Wire Harness. Herein you will find detail illustration regarding wiring and harness of each electrical components of the car such as battery, generator, starter motor, regulator, lighting system, gauges, fuses, switches. Read more [...]

Toyota Corolla Wiring Diagram and Electrical System (1983)

Tuesday, 06. January 2009 by Arya
The following Wiring Diagram and Electrical System manual apply for Toyota Corolla E80 Series for 1983 model year. Here you will find detail description, explanation, troubleshooting tips and illustration of the entire electrical system of the vehicle which consists of 25 systems, including the power source and ground points. Read more [...]

Mazda 929 Engine Electrical Circuit and Charging System Checking Procedures

Sunday, 10. February 2013 by Arya
The 1975 Mazda 929 is equipped with a 12 volt battery consisting of six cells which capacity is 50 Ampere hours of 20 hours rating. The 1975 Mazda 929 engine electrical system consists of charging system, starting and ignition system. Read more [...]