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Suzuki VX-800 Transistorized Ignition System

Friday, 20. September 2013 by Arya
The Suzuki VX-800 Transistorized Ignition System consists of signal generator, wave-form arrangement circuit, CPU, ignitor power source circuit, ceramic vib., ROM, ignition coil, battery 12V/6AH, ignition switch, and spark plug. The signal generator comprises rotor tip and pick-up coil. Read more [...]

Yamaha Virago XV920J Ignition System Circuit

Wednesday, 13. March 2013 by Arya
Yamaha Virago XV920J Ignition System models are equipped with a fully transistorized ignition system. The following schematic illustrates the Yamaha Virago XV920J Ignition System Circuit Diagram. This pulse (electrical current) flows to the switching and distributing circuits in the ignitor unit. Read more [...]

Suzuki GSX400F’82 Signal Generator Circuit Diagram

Thursday, 22. October 2009 by Arya
The 1982 Suzuki GSX400F signal generator is mounted on the right hand side of the engine in the area commonly used for contact breaker point. It is comprised of a magnet embedded rotor attached to a mechanical advance mechanism and two pick-up coils, with iron plates at their bases, affixed to a plate. The following schematic shows the Suzuki GSX400F'82 Signal Generator Circuit Diagram: Read more [...]

Typical Toyota Ignition System Schematic and Wiring Diagram – (1994 Celica)

Tuesday, 11. August 2009 by Arya
The Typical Toyota Ignition System consists of spark plugs, ECM (engine control module), igniter, ignition coil, cap and rotor, ignition switch, fuse and battery. Below schematic and wiring diagram shows Typical Toyota Ignition System for 199 Celica. The electronic ignition system uses the Engine Control Module (ECM) for determining ignition timing (spark advance). Read more [...]

Ducati Pantah 500SL Electrical Wiring Diagram

Wednesday, 23. July 2008 by Arya
This electrical wiring diagram applies for Ducati Pantah 500SL motorcycle models. Overall the electrical system of this model is composed of 2 circuits/components, which are a charging unit, which supplies current to the battery and an electronic ignition circuit. This manual discussing electrical components which is installed on the motorcycle, this includes magnetics pick-ups, tyristor/amplifier units, coil, resistor and spark plugs, alternator and regulator-rectifier units. Download the complete Read more [...]
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