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2003 Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System

Wednesday, 24. September 2014 by Arya
The Honda CBR600RR (2003 models) Electric Starter System consists of: starter motor, side stand switch, starter relay switch, ignition switch, main fuse, battery, neutral and clutch switch. The following schematic shows the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System. Troubleshooting the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System: Fuse Inspection. Check for blown main fuse or sub fuse. Is the fuse blown?. If YES, replace the fuse. In NOT, go to step 2. Battery Inspection. Make sure the battery Read more [...]

Honda CBR500R Transistorized Ignition System Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Thursday, 13. June 2013 by Arya
The following schematic illustrates the 1993 Honda CBR500R Transistorized Ignition System Circuit and Wiring Diagram. (click image to enlarge). Honda CBR500R transistorized ignition system uses an electrically controlled ignition timing system. No adjustment can be made to the ignition timing. A faulty ignition system is often related to poor connections. Read more [...]

Honda Goldwing GL1500 Starting System Circuit

Wednesday, 03. April 2013 by Arya
The starting system is made up of the following components: - Bank angle sensor - Clutch switch - Gear position switch The following schematic illustrates the Honda Golding GL1500 Starting System Circuit and Wiring Diagram (click image to enlarge). Read more [...]

Honda CBR900RR Electric Starter Circuit Diagram

Monday, 25. March 2013 by Arya
Honda CBR900RR (1998 model year) electric starter system consists of: starter relay switch, battery, starter motor. If starter motor turns engine slowly, please check the following possibilities: low battery voltage, poorly connected battery terminal cable, poorly connected starter motor cable, faulty starter motor or poor connected battery ground cable. Read more [...]

Honda VFR400R Electric Starter Wiring Diagram

Saturday, 21. January 2012 by Arya
The Honda VFR400R ignition switch engages the starter motor. The starter motor then provides mechanical energy to rotate the VFR400R's engine. Below schematic illustrates the Honda VFR400R (1990 model year) motorcycle electric starter wiring diagram. Read more [...]