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Honda CB100 Emergency Ignition Switch (Kill Button) Circuit Diagram

Thursday, 27. June 2013 by Arya
The Honda CB100 emergency ignition switch (kill button) is provided to insure safe riding and shutting off the engines operation when the motorcycle is overturned or when trouble develops in the throttle system. Honda CB100 Emergency Ignition Switch (Kill Button) Circuit Diagram: 1. Emergency switch, 2. Main switch, 3. Ignition coil. Read more [...]

Honda TRX 250R ATV Wiring Diagram – MSD Enhancer Ignition system

Sunday, 12. July 2009 by Arya
The MSD Enhancer Ignition system for the Honda TRX 250R ATV is designed as a complete system. No part may be substituted nor should any part be used with the stock ignition components. Honda TRX 250R ATV Wiring Diagram - MSD Enhancer Ignition system Read more [...]

Honda CBR900RR Ignition System Circuit and Schematics

Tuesday, 28. April 2009 by Arya
The following diagram shows 1997 Honda CBR900RR ignition system circuit and schematic. The ignition system consists of battery, ignition switch, fuse 10A, neutral indicator, clutch switch diode, side stand indicator, neutral switch, engine stop switch, clutch switch, ignition pulse generator, throttle sensor, ignition control module, ignition coils, and spark plugs. The ignition coil is a part of the ignition system. The ignition coil increases the voltage of the wires from 12 volts to more than 20,000 volts. Read more [...]

Honda Legend Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Troubleshooting

Monday, 27. April 2009 by Arya
The following article is actually parts of Honda Legend (88 - 90) workshop manual. Here you will find detail information, description, explanation, and illustration of Honda Legend wiring diagram and electrical system troubleshooting. Starts with special tools needed to perform the wiring and electrical-related works, troubleshooting precautions, wiring diagram symbols, wire color codes, relays and control unit locations. Below picture shows the relays and control unit location which consists of relay bracket, integrated control unit, power door lock control unit, PGM-FI main relay, sunroof relay, turn signal/ hazard relay, rear window defogger, cruise control unit and dash fuse box. Read more [...]

What is Schematic Diagram ?

Saturday, 27. December 2008 by Arya
Schematic Diagram is a diagram which shows by means of graphic symbols, the electrical connections and functions of a specific circuit arrangement. The schematic diagram is used to trace the circuit and its functions without regard to the actual physical size, shape, or location of the component devices or parts. Read more [...]