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IEEE 1284-A Parallel Port Connector Pinout Schematic Diagram

Wednesday, 01. September 2010 by Arya
Below schematic shows the IEEE 1284-A parallel port connector pinout schematic diagram. A parallel port is a computer parallel communication physical interface for connecting various peripherals such as printer, sound cards, webcams, gamepads, modems, joysticks and external hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives Read more [...]

7-pin Serial ATA (SATA) Cable Connector Diagram

Saturday, 24. October 2009 by Arya
The following diagram shows the 7-pin Serial ATA (SATA) Cable Diagram and Connector. Read more [...]

Compaq Armada E500 Parts and Schematic Diagram

Wednesday, 15. July 2009 by Arya
The Compaq Armada E500 features All in one 3-spindle design with integrated MultiBay and DualBay, 5.65 lb light, 1.6 in thin, Support for up to three batteries internally, Common docking solutions across the Armada E and M Series, Industry-leading PC lifecycle solutions. Following schematic diagram outlines detail Compaq Armada E500. Read more [...]

ZIF Connector and Socket

Tuesday, 07. May 2013 by Arya
ZIF connector is an electrical hardware, a kind of connector or socket for integrated circuit (IC). ZIF connector could be found commonly in laptops and CPUs which function is to connect and attach various computer components, such as the motherboard to data bus or hard disk drive (HDD). Read more [...]