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Monday, 04. May 2009 by Arya
A subwoofer is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass audio frequencies, from perhaps 150 Hz down as far as 20 Hz, or in rare cases lower. The subwoofer wiring application discuss in this site (crutchfield.com) includes diagrams for Single Voice Coil (SVC) and Dual Voice Coil (DVC) speakers. A SVC speaker has one voice coil and one set of terminals, one positive (+) and one negative (-). A DVC speaker has two voice coils, each with its own set of terminals. Because of this, DVC speakers (typically subwoofers) offer more wiring options than SVC speakers. Mono Amplifier Configurations; 2-Channel Amplifier Configurations; 4-Channel Amplifier Configurations. Read more [...]