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2008 Chevrolet Epica Wiring Diagram Electrical System Schematic

Tuesday, 20. April 2010 by Arya
The Chevrolet Epica was designed by Daewoo, GM's Korean subsidiary. The 2008 Epica comes with 4 different models, the 2.0 LS 4dr, 2.0 VCDi LS 4dr, 2.0 VCDi LT 4dr and 2.0 VCDi LT 4dr Auto. The following page (source: gm.ws123.net) provides detail information regarding the 2008 Chevrolet Epica Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Schematic. Wiring diagram for power supplies, Usage and capacity of fuses in fuse block, Starting and charging system. Read more [...]

1980 Honda CX500C CDI Circuit Diagram

Friday, 18. September 2009 by Arya
The following file contains detail information about 1980 Honda CX500C CDI Module Circuit Diagram. Read more [...]

Capacitive Discharge Ignition CDI Circuit and Wiring Diagram

Wednesday, 16. September 2009 by Arya
Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) or thyristor ignition systems work by storing energy in an external capacitor, which is then discharged into the ignition coil primary winding when required. The spark necessary to ignite the air/petrol mixture in the combustion chamber is produced by the CDI module. Capacitive Discharge Ignition CDI Application Note. CDI, History, Principle, Advantage, Disadvantage and Reference. Read more [...]