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1997 Ford Explorer Air Conditioning System Circuit and Schematics Diagram

Friday, 10. April 2009 by Arya
The following diagram shows the 1997 Ford Explorer air conditioning system circuit and schematics. The Ford Explorer air conditioning system consists of following parts: electronic automatic temperature control module is connected to blower motor speed controller, blower motor relay, blower motor, ambient temperature sensor, in-car temperature sensor, sun load sensor, rear blower motor relay and resistor, rear air door actuator, rear integrated control panel, air conditioner clutch cycling pressure switch, A/C pressure cutoff switch, A/C compressor clutch solenoid, A/C clutch diode, powertrain control module, power distribution box and interior fuse panel. Read more [...]

1992 Daewoo Tico Air Conditioner and Heater – Inspection and Troubleshooting

Friday, 20. February 2009 by Arya
The Daewoo Tico is a city car produced by the Korean automaker GM Daewoo from 1991 to 2001. The following articles discuss the Air Conditioner, Heater and Ventilation System of 1992 Daewoo Tico. Here you will find detail yet brief description, illustration and explanation of each systems and components function and operation, troubleshooting and servicing procedures of Tico. Read more [...]

2000 Jeep XJ Heating and Air Conditioning System – Testing and Troubleshooting

Tuesday, 17. February 2009 by Arya
The following article/manual contains detail information about heating and air conditioning system of Jeep XJ 2000 model years. Herein you will find 5 main sections, Description and Operation, Diagnosis and Testing, Service Procedures, Removal and Installation, Specification. Read more [...]