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1981 Vespa P200E VSX1T Electrical Wiring Diagram

Tuesday, 15. July 2008 by Arya
This wiring diagram applies for Vespa P200E VSX1T models. Here you will find colorful depiction of electrical wiring system of Vespa P200E VSX1T models which describing wire connection of each part installed, such as Horn, Headlamp, Key Switch, Front Brake Switch, etc. LEGEND: 1. Horn 2. Headlamp 12V 30/30 watts 3. Key switch 4. Front brake switch 5. Turn signal indicator 12V 2W 6. High beam indicator 12V 2W 7. Neutral indicator 12V 3W 8. Speedo lamp 12V 3W 9. Turn & engine kill Read more [...]
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