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Fender P-Bass Schematic Wiring Diagram

Below schematic shows the Fender P-Bass Wiring Diagram. Bass Sensor Wiring Instruction: Orange lead is electrical “hot”, White lead is electrical ”ground” and Green lead is shield.

50’S Stratocaster Wiring Diagram and Bridge Assembly

This electric guitar is designed by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka. The following schematic shows a typical schematic of the 50’S Stratocaster Wiring Diagram and Bridge Assembly.

Free Download Fender Strat Guitar Wiring Diagrams

The following table outlines Fender Strat Guitar Wiring Diagrams you can freely download from Fender.com. ’50s Stratocaster® ’60s Stratocaster® ’70s Stratocaster® 50th Anniversary AM DLX Strat® LH
50th Anniversary American Stratocaster® LH 50th Anniversary Golden Stratocaster® 70’s Stratocaster®, RW/MN. ASH Upgrade 2004 Acoustasonic™ Strat® American Deluxe 50th Anniv. Strat® American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster® American Double Fat Strat® American Fat Strat® Texas Special™ American Series 50th Anniv. Strat® American Standard Stratocaster® American Stratocaster® Hard Tail American Vintage ’57 Stratocaster® LH Big Apple™ Stratocaster® Big Block Stratocaster® HSS Bonnie Raitt Stratocaster®