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2002 Toyota Supra MK IV Stop Light Wiring Diagram

The diagram below illustrates the portion where each current transmits this time to. Because of this diagram from the power source, you should fully understand the system resources. This diagram is applied from the stop light switch at all times through the stop fuse to terminal 2. When the ignition key is in the ON position current will flow from the fuse gauge to ‘terminal 8. And current will flow into the terminal 4 through the rear lights warning lights. The following schematic illustrates Read more […]

Toyota Supra Electronic Spark Advance (ESA) Ignition Wiring System

The ECU is programmed with data for optimum ignition timing under any and all operating conditions. Using data provided by sensors which monitor various engine functions (air flow sensor, water temperature sensor, air conditioner signal, etc) and distributor. The following schematic illustrates the Toyota Supra (7M-GTE) Ignition System Circuit and Wiring Diagram using ESA system.

1990 Toyota Supra MA70 Fuel System Circuit Diagram

The following circuit diagram shows 1990 Toyota Supra MA70 Fuel System Circuit Diagram. The ECU receives signals from various sensors indicating changing engine operating conditions such as: Exhaust oxygen content, Intake air volume, Intake air temperature, Coolant temperature, Engine rpm, Acceleration / deceleration etc.

Toyota Automatic Transmission A340E Shift Lock System Wiring Diagram

The Toyota Automatic Transmission A340E is applicable for Toyota Cressida, Supra, Pickup Tacoma, T100, Previa, Aristo, Crown Mejesta, 4-Runner, Tundra, etc. The shift lock system here is designed to ensure proper and correct operation of the automatic transmission system. The shift lock system consists of battery, stop light switch, shift lock control switch, shift lock control ECU, shift lock solenoid, key interlock solenoid, ignition switch. The following wiring diagram shows the circuit and schematic of Toyota Automatic Transmission A340E Shift Lock System.

1995 Toyota Supra Air Conditioning System – Troubleshooting

The following article discusses about 1995 Toyota Supra Air Conditioning System Service and Troubleshooting. description of the air conditioning system with HFC134a, electrical circuit and wiring diagrams, precautions for servicing HFC134a, use proper service tools (manifold gauge, leak detector, vacuum pump adapter), Charging and Leak-check methods, air conditioning system parts location, dampers location, service and troubleshooting, water valve removal, expansion valve inspection, blower motor removal and installation, blower motor control relay, air inlet servomotor, pressure switch, sensors, electric cooling fan relay inspection, heater main relay, air conditioning amplifier, air conditioning control assembly, service specification and data.