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Toyota Celica Fuel Pump Control Circuit and Wiring Diagram

2000 Toyota Celica Fuel Pump Control Circuit and Wiring Diagram. The fuel pump control consists of: EFI main relay, circuit opening relay, fuel pump, ignition switch, battery, ECM and fuel pump. When the engine is cranked, current flows from terminal ST of the ignition switch to the starter relay coil and also to terminal STA of ECM.

Typical Toyota Ignition System Schematic and Wiring Diagram – (1994 Celica)

The Typical Toyota Ignition System consists of spark plugs, ECM (engine control module), igniter, ignition coil, cap and rotor, ignition switch, fuse and battery. Below schematic and wiring diagram shows Typical Toyota Ignition System for 199 Celica. The electronic ignition system uses the Engine Control Module (ECM) for determining ignition timing (spark advance).

Toyota Audio System AM/FM MPX Radio with Stereo Cassette Tape Player and CD Player

The following Audio System (AM/FM MPX Radio with Stereo Cassette
Tape Player and CD Player) and Components Manual apply for Toyota Tacoma, Celica, Echo|Vitz and MR-S. Here you will find detail features, specification, removal/installation, service and repair also troubleshooting procedures for the above vehicle’s audio system.

Toyota Celica Radio Wiring Diagram (1990)

The following radio wiring diagram apply for Toyota Celica 1990 model year. Here you will find detail illustration and description about the electrical schametics and wiring diagram of Celica 1990 which icludes components such as power source system, junction connector, LH and RH Door Speaker, Rear Speaker, Tweeter, Stereo Component Amplifier, Front Speaker, CIG and Radio, Power Antenna, Parts Location, Junction Blo ck and Wire Harness Connector, Connector Joining Wire and Wire Harness, Ground Points, Splice Points, and Console Box Wire.