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Wiring Jeep Headlight Switch Wagoneer 69

Jeep Wagoneer Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram. Herein you will find detail instructions guide in installing a single relay to control the headlight power to the dimmer switch.

Jeep Cherokee’88 Engine Cooling Fan Circuit and Wiring Diagram

The 1988 Jeep Cherokee, Comanche, and Wagoneer 4.0L engine series use an auxiliary fan. The auxiliary fan is controlled by a relay mounted on the left inner fender panel. When the A/C (if equipped) is turned on, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) grounds the A/C relay coil allowing current to flow through it. This activates the A/C relay which then supplies current to the A/C clutch, fan diode assembly and cooling fan relay. Find more information about 1988 Jeep Cherokee Engine Cooling Fan Circuit and Wiring Diagram here