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Fiat Coupe Heating and Ventilation System Wiring Diagram

The Fiat Coupe ECu controls radiator fan operation directly according to coolant temperature and whether the vehicle is fitted with an air conditioning system or not. The following schematic illustrates the Fiat Coupe Heating and Ventilation System Wiring Diagram.

1995 Fiat Coupe 16V Fuel Relay Circuit Diagram

The following schematic shows the 1995 Fiat Coupe 16V Fuel Relay Circuit Diagram. To supply battery voltage to the system, a dual relay is used consisting of a single container with two relays A and B of the normally open type.

Electric Control Unit of Fiat Coupe Ignition System (1995)

1995 Fiat Coupe ignition system is static, inductive discharge type. The power module is external to the ECU, while the high tension supply comes through four ignition coils fitted directly to the spark plug (top-plug coils). The primary winding of each coil is supplied with power from the battery through a dual relay, and earthed through the control module. The ECU computes optimum ignition advance on the basis of engine speed and load. This is implemented as the time between the moment when the power supply to the coil primary winding is cut and combustion TDC.

Fiat Coupe Wiring Diagram, Electrical Circuit and Harness (96)

The Fiat Coupé (type 175, officially titled the Coupé Fiat) was a coupé produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat between 1993 and 2000. When launched in 1994, this car was available with a four cylinder, 2.0 L 16V engine, in both turbo (195 bhp) and normally-aspirated (139 bhp) versions. The following wiring diagram and electrical circuit manual apply for Fiat Coupe 1996 model year. This manual covers all aspects of the vehicle’s electrical system including Starter System, Recharging System, Read more […]