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2008 Acura TL Daytime Running Lights Wiring Diagram

Acura TL is a upper-medium class car produced by Japanese automaker Acura since 1996. Available as a 4-door sedan. Successor to the Vigor. To drive used R5 and V6 engines. Power is transmitted to the front axle via an automatic or manual transmission. It is a best-selling model Acura in the segment of luxury sedans for the North American market only gives way to the BMW 3 Series. The first generation of the TL model was produced in 1996-1998. It was a 4-door sedan hartdop classified in the segment Read more […]

2004 Acura TL Electronic Throttle Control System Diagram

The 2004 Acura TL Electronic Throttle Control System consists of the throttle actuator, throttle position (TP) sensor A/B, accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor A/B, throttle actuator control module, and the ECM/PCM. The throttle is electronically controlled by the system.

2004 Acura TL Body Electrical System and Harness Wiring Diagram

The following article is actually part of service manual of 2004 Acura TL. It discuss about the body electrical system, connectors, wiring diagram, electrical schematics, wiring harness, relays, fuse of the vehicle. The vehicle electrical system includes the battery, wiring, starting motor and controls, generator and voltage regulator, electronic ignition, and electronic fuel metering.