Built by Bayerische Motoren Werke between 1955 and 1969, the BMW /2 series motorcycle machines were either a low compression 500cc R50, low compression 600cc R60, or, as introduced in 1956, a high compression R69.

The BMW R 50 was introduced in 1955 as the successor to the R 51/3. The R 50 was part of a series of new models: the 250cc touring model R26, the R50 500cc touring model, the 600cc touring model R 60 and R 69 600cc sports model.

This entire series consisted of “Vollschwingen BMWs’, making the driving characteristics were significantly better than those of their predecessors. The R 60 had received a swingarm rear suspension with two fully encapsulated spring / damping elements, the bias was set.

The following manual – Understanding and Maintaining the BMW /2 Electrical System – applied for BMW /2 series (BMW R 50, BMW R 60 and BMW R 69 series). These motorcycles have what could be viewed as two electrical systems – one for the engine (ignition), and one for all the extras such as lights and the horn.

BMW Motorcycle R50, R60, R69 Electrical System and Wiring Harness Diagram

BMW Motorcycle R50, R60, R69 Electrical System and Wiring Harness Diagram

The ignition system consists of the magneto, coil, points and the sparkplugs. The ancillary system includes all the bulbs, the battery, generator, horn, and switchgear. Early electrical components weren’t very reliable, and this was a major reason why many vehicles, and motorcycles in particular, had this kind of separation. However, after the Second World War, other vehicle manufacturers started moving towards the coil system of ignition, and integrating the electrical systems together.

BMW remained with the split electrical system for some years, only changing to coil ignition and a single electrical system when the /5 motorcycles were released in 1970.

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