The BMW E46 series is the fourth generation of the BMW 3 Series. The mid-range series was introduced in March 1998 as the successor of the E36 series. The E46 has been equipped as standard with a 5-speed manual gearbox. In June 2001 the Compact was launched on the basis of the E46 series. For the first time, engines were installed with the new Valvetronic, which also appeared in the other E46 variants for the new model year, which began a few months later.

The following schematic depicts the BMW 3 Series E46 Bluetooth Kit ULF System Wiring Diagram.

BMW 3 Series E46 Bluetooth Kit ULF Wiring Schematic Diagram

BMW 3 Series E46 Bluetooth Kit ULF Wiring Schematic Diagram

The BMW 3 Series E46 Bluetooth Kit System consists of Bluetooth Antenna, Interface Switch, ULF Control Module, SES Jumper Plug, Microphone, Speaker, Radio Control Module, and Boardmonitor.
Coding ULF Control Module to Vehicle

After installing the ULF Kit, the vehicle should be re-coded with DIS/GT1 SW 33 or higher, using the “Retrofit” path to ensure that the system works properly with the systems currently installed in the vehicle. The recoding is done automatically when using the following “retrofit” procedure:
• Connect DISPlus or GT1 to vehicle (with SW 33 or higher installed)
• Turn on ignition
• Select “Coding ZCS”
• Series: “E46 Series”
• Path: “2 Retrofit”
• System: “ULF Universal charging and Handsfree facility”.
• Follow the on screen requests to activate the coding procedure.

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