Headlight is the main illumination lights located on the front of the vehicle. Headlight presence is very important for the security and safety of driving in the evening or dark conditions. The 1991 BMW E34 525i/535i headlight and foglight assemblies use halogen bulbs. Halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp in which a tungsten filament sealed in a transparent cover of the compact is filled with inert gas and a little of the halogens such as iodine or bromine. To ensure the longevity of halogen bulbs, the bulb glass should not be handled. Dirt and skin oils may cause a bulb to fail prematurely. If necessary wipe bulb using a clean cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

BMW Headlight Bulb Replacing Procedures:
1. Open engine hood.
2. Working in back of headlight assembly, grasp rear of bulb socket (harness connector) and turn counter clockwise 90°. Pull bulb out of headlight assembly .
3. Disconnect harness connector from bulb.
4. Installation is reverse of removal. Align tabs on bulb base to cut outs on rear of lens assembly. Secure bulb by rotating clockwise 90°.

The following schematic depicts the 1991 BMW E34 525i/535i Headlights/Foglights Wiring System and Circuit Diagram. The headlight/foglight system consists of: front power distribution box, light switch, combination switch, dimmer, instrument cluster, crash control unit, lamp control module, fog light switch, and instrument cluster.

1991 BMW E34 525i 535i Headlight Foglight Wiring System and Circuit Diagram

1991 BMW E34 525i 535i Headlight Foglight Wiring System and Circuit Diagram

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