In motorcycle or engine starter system serves to provide rotary power for the engine to start the machine cycles. In general the electric starter system consists of a battery, a fuse (fuse), ignition (ignition switch), switch / button starter (starter switch), starter relay and the starter motor. The way it works is as follows: at the time of the starter switch (starter button) is pressed, the current from the battery flows to the starter relay coil through the ignition switch (ignition) continue to mass.

The following schematic diagram shows the 2005 Suzuki GSX R1000 STARTER SIDE-STAND/IGNITION INTERLOCK Wiring and Circuit System. It consists of starter motor, starter relay, clutch switch, starter button, engine stop switch, turn signal/side-stand relay, ignition switch, and battery.

2005 Suzuki GSX R1000 Electrical System Wiring Diagram

2005 Suzuki GSX R1000 Electrical System Wiring Diagram

2005 Suzuki GSX R1000 STARTER Wiring Circuit System and Troubleshooting
What if the Suzuki GSX R1000 starter motor will not run?

1) Shift the transmission to neutral.
2) Pull the clutch lever, turn on the ignition switch with the engine stop switch in the “RUN” position and listen for a click from the starter relay when the starter button is pushed. Is a click sound heard?. If YES, go to STEP 2, if NO, go to STEP 3.

1) Check if the starter motor runs when its terminal is connected to the battery + terminal. Does the starter motor run?. If YES, the stater relay may be broken or loose/disconnected starter motor lead wire, or loose/disconnected between starter relay and battery + terminal. If NO, the starter motor must be broken/faulty.

1) Measure the starter relay voltage at the starter relay connectors (between Y/G + and B/Y -) when the starter button is pushed. Is a voltage OK?. If YES, go to STEP 4. If NO, there might be problem with some of these items: engine stop switch, clutch switch, GP switch, turn signal/side-stand relay, starter button, ignition switch, side-stand switch, contact or connector, or circuit in wire harness. You should check it one by one then.

1) Check the starter relay. Is the starter relay OK?. If YES, then it might be due to poor contact of starter relay. If NO, then there must be problem with the starter relay.

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