Defender comes as the successor of the family Land Rover Series. This SUV vehicle-based targeting those who love adventure in the wild, and also the off-road sports enthusiasts. The model is stout and stocky, is very suitable for use in rugged terrain. Even so the model is not outdated, and fits well to accompany the daily activities in the office.

The difference between the Defender old with the new model is only located on the bonnet, which appear higher, while the others are still maintained to be his trademark. If the old model Defender is known as noise coming into the cabin area, now everything has been improved. Each of the components in the engine compartment is moved, so the noise, vibration, and other things are quite disturbing was no longer apparent.

The following schematic illustrates the 1997 Land Rover Defender Charging And Starting Wiring Diagram

1997 Land Rover Defender Charging And Starting Wiring Diagram

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