One of the advantages of the Toyota Yaris is almost the same as other Toyota units, namely in terms of the efficiency of the best fuel. From a variety of drive test results, it was revealed that the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Yaris better over time. The character of the hatchback with a stylish design that is aggressive and sporty as well as dimensions that provide comfort for customers.

Comes with an increasingly dynamic and stylish design. This creates a total change Yaris increasingly presenting the character of a ‘hatchback’. All types of all-new Toyota Yaris has been equipped with anti-lock brakes feature Braking System (ABS) which prevents the wheels locking during braking. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EDB) detects any wheel and distributes braking power needed to each wheel. Equip it comes Brake Assist (BA) in order to provide additional braking power if the pressure is reduced during sudden braking.

The following schematic illustrates the 2007 Toyota Yaris Anti Braking System (ABS)Wiring Diagram

2007 Toyota Yaris Anti Braking System (ABS) Wiring Diagram

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