2006 Toyota Hilux has a Shift Lock system. Shift Lock key has the function as the locking system transmitting at a particular lever position. The car will use a parallel parking lock down the shift key to shift the position P to N, so that the car can be removable. Wiring diagram below illustrates that the ignition key is turned to the ACC position then the flow of control ECU shift key will flow into TERMINAL 6. And if the ignition is turned to the ON position, the flow of ECU shift lock control will flow to TERMINAL 1.

And if you turn the ignition key to the ON position while the brake pedal, the shift lock control ECU will be active and allows you to change the shift lever into another position. The following schematic illustrates the 2006 Toyota Hilux Shift Lock Wiring Diagram:

2006 Toyota Hilux Shift Lock Wiring Diagram

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