See the exterior and the interior, it is difficult to understand why the Land Rover Defender 110 has a very high price. Outer shape itself clearly still deeply affected the car’s original type that out since the 1940s. But the Defender has the advantage that is difficult rivaled by its rivals, namely the ability to play in rough terrain. This car carries a Full Time 4WD system, meaning that all the time 4-wheel drive. Defender is also equipped by a mechanical differential lock that will add more traction on slippery terrain.

Besides being very resilient and able to devour the toughest terrain, you are also much involved in its control. Aluminum body that are characteristic of the car is still used up to now. Not only strong and lightweight, rustproof aluminum too. So you can use it for any car without worrying damaged. In addition, in the cabin there are Air Conditioner or commonly also referred to as AC is one of the systems in the vehicle which serves to make the temperature in the room to be comfortable. And in this post we want to give an overview of air conditioning electrical circuit diagram of this car.

The following schematic illustrates the 2007 Land Rover Defender 110 Air Conditioning Electrical Circuit Diagram:

2007 Land Rover Defender 110 Air Conditioning Electrical Circuit Diagram

  1. Thermostat
  2. Condenser fan relay
  3. 5 amp fuse
  4. 17 amp fuse
  5. Compressor clutch relay
  6. H. fan
  7. H. fan
  8. High pressure switch
  9. Compressor clutch temperature switch
  10. Compressor clutch
  11. Fan temperature switch
  12. Blower fan relay
  13. Diode -Diesel engines only
  14. Termination point*
  15. Ignition feed pick-off point
  16. Starter solenoid pick-off point
  17. 30 amp fuse
  18. 30 amp fuse
  19. Fan speed selector switch
  20. Relay
  21. Air conditioning on/off switch
  22. Evaporator motor
  23. Resistor block

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