Lexus LS400 is equipped with electrical devices, such as SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), the combination meter system, Power Seat Control System, Power Mirror Control System, Power Tilt and Telescopic Steering System, Audio system, a mobile communication system, and lighting system.

Power source supplying power to any electrical device, which is on the vehicle. It is composed of the battery, fuses and relays, which are located centrally at engine room junction block, engine room No.1 relay block, fusible link block and engine room No.2 relay block in the engine compartment, and instrument panel junction block in the cabin near the driver’s feet.

The following schematic illustrates the 2000 Lexus LS400 Power Source Circuit Wiring Diagram:

2000 Lexus LS400 Power Source Circuit Wiring Diagram

  1. ABS H–Fuse
  2. ALT H–Fuse
  3. HTR H–Fuse
  4. DEF H–Fuse
  5. AM1 H–Fuse
  6. AM2 H–Fuse
  7. MAIN H–Fuse
  8. PWR H–Fuse
  9. SEAT FR H–Fuse
  10. H/CTRL H–Fuse
  11. D FR DDOR Fuse
  12. ETCS Fuse
  13. MPX–B Fuse
  14. P FR DOOR Fuse
  15. TAIL Fuse
  16. PANEL Fuse
  17. FR FOG LP Fuse
  18. AIR SUS Fuse
  19. STOP Fuse
  20. STOP–S Fuse
  21. FUEL OPN Fuse
  22. OBD Fuse
  23. GAUGE Fuse
  24. TURN Fuse
  25. WIPER Fuse
  26. ECU–IG Fuse
  27. HEATER Fuse
  28. PWR–IG Fuse
  29. FR CIG Fuse
  30. RR CIG Fuse
  31. RADIO No.2 Fuse
  32. RADIO No.1 Fuse
  33. D RR DOOR Fuse
  34. P RR DOOR Fuse
  35. STARTER Fuse
  36. IGN Fuse
  37. H–LP R LWR Fuse
  38. H–LP L LWR LH Fuse
  39. H–LP R UPR RH Fuse (CANADA)
  40. H–LP L UPR LH Fuse (CANADA)
  41. ST H–Fuse
  42. EFI No.1 Fuse
  43. EFI No.2 Fuse
  44. HORN Fuse
  45. HAZ Fuse
  46. ALT–S Fuse
  47. DOME Fuse
  48. ECU–B Fuse
  49. TEL Fuse
  50. MIR HTR Fuse
  51. FR S/HTR HTR Fuse
  52. RDI FAN M–Fuse
  53. CRT Fuse
  54. DRL Fuse

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