One and are mainly of cars produced by Citroen is a hydraulic suspension system. This system allows the Citroen still feels comfortable, even for women who want to give birth, even we’re speeding down the street damaged or uneven. The hydraulic system used Citroen is an integrated system between the suspension system on each wheel, braking and steering systems, called hydractive pneumatic system. This system consists of a reservoir tank, hydraulic hoses like hands squid, hydraulic pump, distributor (who distribute Oil to the wheels, steering and brakes), balls of steel containing high pressure nitrogen at the end of the pipe legs wheels and distributors, height corrector, and pipes to seal as the legs of the wheel.

Each wheel moves independently, connected to the body by using McPherson system and swing arm. No springs to help the suspension. Therefore, using a special hydraulic system, the height of the Citroen can be adjusted by sliding the lever near the handbrake handle on the driver’s side. As an example we will give an overview of the Citroen BX Hydropneumatic Suspension.

The following schematic illustrates the Citroen BX Hydropneumatic Suspension Diagrams:

Citroen BX Hydropneumatic Suspension Diagrams

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