2002 Range Rover (P38A) has been using Electronic Air Suspension established. Progressive development has resulted in added features to improve the control and operation of the system. The working system of Electronic Air Suspension are as follows: air is drawn through the inlet filter to the compressor, where it is compressed to 10 ± 0,5 bar (145 ± 7.25 lbf/in2). Compressed air passes to the air dryer where moisture is removed as it flows through the dryer desiccant. The desiccant in the lower portion of the dryer becomes wet. Dried air passes will through a non-return valve NRV1 to the reservoir. The 3 non-return valves ensure correct air flow. Pressure switch will maintain the system pressure boundary, by turning on and off the compressor through the ECU.

Inlet valve must work together along with the air spring solenoid valve relevant, so that the air can be admitted into the air spring. So that air can get out of the air spring, the exhaust valve must work together along with the air spring solenoid valve. Diaphragm solenoid valve will ensure that all the air exhausted. Exhausted air will pass vertically down through the dryer. This process will clean up steam from the desiccant and regenerates the air dryer. In the end, the air will be discharged through the air system operated diaphragm valve, and the atmosphere through a silencer mounted below the valve block.

The following schematic illustrates the 2002 Range Rover (P38A) Electronic Air Suspension Circuit Diagram:

2002 Range Rover (P38A) Electronic Air Suspension Circuit Diagram

  1. inlet filter
  2. compressor
  3. air dryer
  4. reservoir
  5. pressure switch
  6. 3 non-return valves
  7. inlet valve
  8. exhaust valve
  9. air spring solenoid valve
  10. air spring
  11. air spring
  12. solenoid diaphragm valve
  13. system air operated diaphragm valve
  14. silencer

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