BMW M6 is a high-performance version of the coupe / convertible Series 6 made by the motorsport division of BMW M. Until now, the BMW M6 has had 3 generations. The first generation was produced in 1983-1989, the second generation of 2005-2010, and for third-generation 2012-present. In this post we will provide an overview of the EDR System circuit diagram for 2010 BMW E63 / 64 M6.

EDR satellite controlling engine torque. The main control variable is the amount of air and fuel mixture which is then supplied to the engine, and then will be varied with ten throttle valve and two valves throttle idle speed. On the BMW M6 uses a DOHC V10 engine piston, the control system is divided into two cylinder banks that each block has five cylinders. Each cylinder bank has an idle speed throttle valve and five individual throttle valves.

The following schematic illustrates the 2010 BMW E63/ 64 M6 EDR System Circuit Diagram:

2010 BMW E63 64 M6 EDR System Circuit Diagram

  1. Dynamic stability control (DSC)
  2. Active cruise control (ACC)
  3. Safety and gateway module (SGM)
  4. Steering wheel
  5. Sequential M gearbox (SMG)
  6. Pedal position sensor (PWG)
  7. Pedal position sensor (PWG)
  8. Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
  9. Brake light switch
  10. Clutch switch
  11. Transmission switch, idle speed
  12. Throttle valve sensor (DKG)
  13. Inverted throttle valve sensor (DKG)
  14. Hot-film air mass meter (HFM)
  15. Idle speed actuator (LLS)
  16. Electric throttle valve actuator (EDR)
  17. Electric throttle valve actuator (EDR)
  18. Idle speed actuator (LLS)
  19. Inverted throttle valve sensor (DKG)
  20. Throttle valve sensor (DKG)
  21. Hot-film air mass meter (HFM)

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