This car is one of the "limited car" which is much sought after by the speed enthusiast. With a total weight of only around 750kg, hatchback body pieces without baggage long tail, of course, power 118 HP already be more than enough capital to penetrate the speed of 200km / h. Plus encouragement VL-2 IHI turbocharger is certainly promising acceleration that will force your body pushed up against the seat. Compared with the standard specifications of the Fiat Uno, easily visible difference is the physical appearance that is sporty with 2 doors only. In the visible, his body specifications may something like Honda Estilo. Only, Fiat Uno Turbo is equipped with air-compression ratio engine that is low (1: 7.8) because it is prepared to withstand wind gusts from the IHI Turbocharger.

With a small engine 1372cc SOHC 4-cylinder capable of spraying power over 100hp which is usually equivalent to 1800cc engine power output. VL2 IHI turbocharger which is inherited this car will be activated on RPM3000 upwards, so that the achievement of the red-line on lap top machine, very easy to achieve. Equipped also with congenital intercooler makes car overheating problems often experienced by the machine that is equipped with a turbocharged device becomes safe driving everyday.

The following schematic illustrates the Wiring diagram of the Microplex ignition system on the 1372 cc Turbo engine:

1994 Fiat Uno Turbo Microplex Ignition System Wiring Diagram

  1. ECU
  2. Pipe (pressure/vacuum in inlet manifold to control unit)
  3. Spark plug
  4. Distributor
  5. Ignition coil (with control unit)
  6. Tachometer
  7. Ignition switch
  8. Connector
  9. TDC sensor
  10. Engine speed
  11. Anti-knock sensor
  12. Air pressure safety switch
  13. Speedometer signal for electronic injection
  14. Connector
  15. Diagnostic socket
  16. Crankshaft pulley
  17. Flywheel

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