Medium SUV market continues to grow. In fact, almost all outstanding brands already have a flagship product in this sector. One of Toyota’s flagship SUV is RAV4. This latest generation Toyota RAV4 has a good aerodynamic system and will provide air flow at about this vehicle smoothly, so it can be accelerated. Toyota RAV4 has a size that is not too big and not too small. With dimensions of length 4570 mm, width 1844 mm, height 1661 mm, 2660 mm wheelbase and an empty weight of just 1558 kg.

Toyota RAV4 brings a lot of features, ranging from convenience features are Dual Zone Automatic Control will provide maximum coolness in all parts of the cabin automatically adjust the direction of the sun. As for ease of driving, the driver can take advantage of Bluetooth Connectivity with Hands Free. This feature allows the driver can communicate securely without being distracted driving concentration. This car also has a Parking Assist, which is equipped with a Rear View Monitor. This feature serves to facilitate the driver to do a good parking, without doing undue error.

The following schematic illustrates the 2014 Toyota RAV4  Parking Assist (Rear View Monitor) Wiring Diagram:

2014 Toyota RAV4  Parking Assist (Rear View Monitor) Wiring Diagram

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