One of the iconic French car manufacturer, Citroen CX, this year entered the age of 40 years. Citroen CX may not have the front fascia of the most radical of all the old Citroen car design, but it certainly remains one of the most impressive Citroen models. Citroen CX first introduced on August 28, 1974, and was elected as ‘European Car of the Year’ in 1975. The name of the ‘CX’ was taken from the French abbreviation which is roughly equivalent to ‘cd’ to the coefficient of drag in English.

On this occasion we want to provide information about the Electronic Diesel Control that of the engine of the Citroen CX. A mechanically controlled injection pump does not have a feedback from the machine (except for the speed of the machine), it just will pump too much fuel into the engine, resulting in black smoke. Electronically controlled injection pump, it can be said how much air that has been entered by using sensors (although only the latest system uses the sensor). In essence, electronically controlled injection pump not only add precision to the gas injection process as partners do not yet introduced an entirely new method of regulation.

The following schematic illustrates the Citroen CX Electronic Diesel Control Diagram:

Citroen CX Electronic Diesel Control Diagram

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