Toyota Camry is a premium sedan Toyota products intended for middle and upper class consumers. The history of this car is not separated from the premium sedan variants previous flagship, the Toyota Corona. Toyota Camry has major markets in the United States and Australia. Toyota certainly not arbitrary in designing and producing this car to take risks superpowers to compete in the most advanced in the technology business, including automotive technology and adopts a capitalist or free market that in fact only the best products with the highest quality that can compete there.

But Toyota Camry answer the challenges that the strong evidence, recorded from 1997 to 2000 and from 2002 until now, the Camry was awarded as the best selling car and demand and achieve the highest sales figures in the US. It is a remarkable achievement for a foreign product in the USA. In this post we will provide an overview of the Injector circuit malfunction Wiring Diagram of this car. A little explanation about Injector located in the intake manifold. Injector will inject fuel into the cylinder on the orders of the ECM. So that the ECM can detect damage to the injector circuit by calculating the amount of a particular cylinder misfires.

The following schematic illustrates the 1994-2006 Toyota Camry (V6) Injector Circuit Malfunction Wiring Diagram:

1994-2006 Toyota Camry (V6) Injector Circuit Malfunction Wiring Diagram

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