Air intake ducting is important in terms of a turbocharged engine. In principle, the energy that comes out of exhaust gas is used for "pre-compress" induced fresh air, thereby introduce greater air mass into the engine. It is important to ensure that the components are installed in the correct position and that all the pipes are connected with a tight seal. Because this is just possible if the intake air ducting "leak free" and installed properly. This system is also equipped with several sensors and actuators to ensure that the optimal load of fresh air, it is tailored to each engine operating conditions.

The following schematic illustrates the 2010 BMW E88 Convertible 135i Air Intake Ducting Diagram:

2010 BMW E88 Convertible 135i Air Intake Ducting Diagram

  1. MSD80 Engine control module
  2. Lines to vacuum pump
  3. Electro-pneumatic pressure transducer
  4. PTC heater, blow-by gases
  5. Blow-by line turbocharged operation mode
  6. Charge air suction line, bank 2
  7. Recirculated-air line, bank 2
  8. Intake manifold pressure sensor
  9. Blow-off valve, bank 2
  10. Air cleaner
  11. Charge air pressure and temperature sensor
  12. Throttle valve
  13. Blow-off valve, bank 1
  14. Recirculated-air line, bank 1
  15. Charge air pressure line
  16. Intercooler
  17. Charge air manifold
  18. Charge air suction line, bank 1
  19. Wastegate flap, bank 1
  20. Wastegate actuator, bank 1
  21. Wastegate flap, bank 2
  22. Wastegate actuator, bank 2
  23. Turbocharger, bank 1
  24. Turbocharger, bank 2
  25. To catalytic converter, bank 2
  26. To catalytic converter, bank 1

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