This is a further development of MK60psi, which is currently used in the BMW E87. The meaning of "E5" on MK60E5 signifies, 5 integrated pressure sensors in the hydraulic unit. Suppose one pressure sensor that measures the pressure of the tandem brake master cylinder THZ, and four subsequent sensors that measure pressure braking each wheel brake. The following schematic illustrates the 2010 BMW E60 M5 Hydraulics Diagram DSC MK60E5:

2010 BMW E60 M5 Hydraulics Diagram DSC MK60E5

  1. Brake fluid reservoir
  2. Rear axle
  3. Front axle (hydraulic connection)
  4. Pressure sensor, push rod circuit
  5. Pulsation damper
  6. Isolating valve
  7. Electric changeover valve
  8. Self-priming return pump
  9. Damper chamber
  10. Accumulator chamber
  11. Front left inlet valve with orifice plate, analogue
  12. Front right inlet valve with orifice plate, analogue
  13. Rear right inlet valve, analogue
  14. Rear left inlet valve, analogue
  15. Rear left outlet valve
  16. Rear right outlet valve
  17. Front left outlet valve
  18. Front right outlet valve
  19. Front right wheel brake
  20. Front left wheel brake
  21. Rear right wheel brake
  22. Rear left wheel brake

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